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Inhouse Services
We provide the right solution to keep your company flexible and at the same time maintain continuity of your work force.

The concept of In-house Services is based on three principles:

  • Everything for one client
  • Effective & efficient
  • Recruitment specialists

We offer

  • Dedicated Account Team working closely with client’s management team to support their strategies and goals.
  • Customized and targeted recruiting and selection process designed for the client.
  • Talent pool designed and built with our client’s business objectives in mind.
  • Cost savings and quality improvement programs customized to client’s business and HR strategy.
  • Randstad In-house Services Care Program customized to maximize retention of talent pool
  • Streamlined payroll processing and reporting capabilities through software.
  • One point of contact for all staffing needs, freeing client’s management and supervisors to focus on their business.

Our account specialists are explicitly engaged with one client, handling all the work associated with the flexi workforce. Our onsite account management team works towards

  • Reducing attrition
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Supporting client executed performance programs
  • Increasing flexibility of the flex workforce
  • Improving the introduction process
  • Reduced client time in handling flex workforce
  • Improve flex-worker quality
  • Improved “fitment”
  • Improved productivity
  • Reducing overtime hours
  • Simplify admin processes
  • Deployment of E-tools and reports

    A. R. Consultants Randstad's In-house Services is an ideal solution for large-scale placement of temporary workforce.